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30-minute Sessions:

30-minute Private Pilates    $38.00/single session

Private Pilates 30-minutes 5-pack (2-month expiration) $185.00


Private Pilates 30-minutes 10-Pack (3-month expiration)  $350.00


50-minute Private Pilates

Pilates Private   $70/single session


5-Pack 50-Minutes (2-month expiration)  $340.00


Pilates Private 10-Pack 50-minutes (3-month expiration) $650.00


Duet 5-pack 30-minutes (2-month expiration) $165/per person

Duet 10-pack 30-minutes (3-month expiration) $300/per person


Duet 5-Pack 50-Minutes (2-month expiration)  $210.00/per person


Duet 10-Pack 50-Minutes (3-month expiration)  $400.00/per person



Class Pass 5-Pack 50-minutes (2-month expiration)  $125.00


Class Pass 10-Pack 50-Minutes (3-month expiration)  $230.00


*Best-In-Class Pass!

Class Pass 30-Pack 50-Minutes (6-month expiration)  $540.00

*Class Pass Memberships        

 (minimum 3-month autopay)


  • Novice Membership (4-classes per month) $99/month 

  • Enthusiast Membership (8-classes per month)  $175/month

  • Ambitious Membership (12-classes per month) $240/month

*Prerequisite: New Member Intro Session required before booking classes


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