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Pilates with Kelly has changed my life!  She's tailored each session to my specific needs, explains everything we're doing and why.  I've noticed such a positive change in my daily life.  I'm forever grateful for Kelly!

Robyn Franklin

Kelly is an amazing & awesome instructor.  She truly wants you to learn & she thoroughly explains & guides/cues you through the moves. She is very good at making you have the correct form.   She listens & customizes to what you as the client will benefit from most.....

Rachel Underwood

Kelly is very personable and walks you through   every move.   Very precise, professional and fun to work out with.

Kim Butcher

I've been working with Kelly for the last few years.  She does an amazing job of working with your strengths and weaknesses to give you the best Pilates experience possible.  I highly recommend her to anyone regardless of your level or ability.

Chris Jedrzejewski

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