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Kelly Plunkett is a Certified Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor with over 14 years experience in fitness and Pilates instruction.  Kelly embraced Pilates shortly after having her son 16 years ago, and is a believer in the Pilates method, as it was the only method to help regain her core strength.  She decided to become a Pilates Instructor to share the method with other women struggling with their core strength.  Kelly became certified in Pilates with DK BodyBalancing at UNLV in Las Vegas, and IMX Certified Reformer and Mat, in addition to Personal Training, and NPC bodybuilding.    Kelly has taught Pilates Mat, Piloxing, and Kickboxing in both larger fitness gyms and privately owned Pilates Studios in Southern Wisconsin.  Kelly's teaching method applies both classical and contemporary Pilates methods.  Kelly's teaching style embraces the client's whole body approach, giving personalized instruction based on the client's strengths and weaknesses.  Kelly has worked with clients of all body types, ages, and works around their limitations to overall improve strength for everyday movement.

*Kelly has worked with clients with the following:

Core weakness/diastasis recti/back pain/sciatica/plantar fasciitis/ pelvic floor weakness/muscular imbalances/weak pelvic floor/arthritis/knee replacement/hip replacements/neuropathy/ehlers-danlos syndrome/sedentary/spinal fusions/kyphosis/bulging discs

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